Exclusive: Introducing Globix Retail

Published on: 17th July 2020

Toy World spoke to Adrian Leafe, European sales manager at Globix Retail, about the company’s distribution lines and its plans for the coming months.

Rockboard pinkGlobix Retail was founded in 2010 as a trader in IT components. Since then, the company has become a successful European distributor, servicing all major retailers in Germany, Austria, UK & Ireland, France, Poland and the Czech Republic. Its UK division officially launched in 2019 in collaboration with Amaira Holdings group.

“As a distributor, we’re leveraging strong brands with popular licences, successfully introducing electronic- and lifestyle-driven products to the market.” Adrian told Toy World. “Our portfolio of brands is always expanding; currently, it includes KIDdesigns, Youth Electronics, Rockboards, Konix, Noble Collection, Paladone, Polaraid and Kodak, plus many more. We’re very excited to already be presenting our core ranges in the UK. We’ve had a tremendous response so far, and now we look forward to making the products available to consumers for Q4.”

Following an unpredictable retail period, Adrian reflects on the challenges and opportunities the company as faced over recent months, and what he is most excited about for the latter half of 2020.

“Although things have been very unusual, we’ve seen significant growth via our e-commerce partners, which have a strong foothold in the market,” he explained. “Our biggest challenge has been the uncertainty surrounding what the market will look like in Q4, which in turn has put pressure on the FOB orders; either they’ve been placed on hold, and/or reduced by 20-30%. However, the big opportunity for us is that we’re able to bring some really innovative, fresh new ranges to the market for Q4, giving us a competitive edge and an element of newness in the eyes of our retail partners.”

Globix Retail works closely with its retail partners to ensure the ranges will be placed in key catalogues this year, making an investment to secure maximum visibility across the company’s entire portfolio.

Adrian revealed Globix Retail’s main aims for the upcoming festive season: “We have three main aims. Firstly, we’re looking to grow and develop what we have, as well as introduce further new ranges where appropriate. Secondly, we’ll be working closely with our current customers while also introducing our products to new accounts. Lastly, we’ve committed to always giving and maintaining a high level of support and service for all our customers, complete with a personal approach that we believe is key to good relationships.”

To find out more, including which properties the company will be distributing, read the full interview with Adrian in the July issue of Toy World, here.


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