Exclusive: Mattel’s approach to sustainability

Published on: 14th February 2022

Pam Gill-Alabaster chats to Toy World about how Mattel is working to reduce its carbon footprint and its approach to sustainability.

As Mattel’s VP Global Sustainability, Pam describes Mattel’s overarching approach to sustainability to date. “Our aim is to contribute to a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and sustainable future,” she explains. “We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and actively supporting the communities in which we live, work and play. In 2021, we updated our ESG strategy, goals and priorities, aligning them with three pillars: Sustainable Design and Development (what we do), Responsible Sourcing and Production (how we do it) and Thriving and Inclusive Communities (those we impact).”

Pam goes on to discuss the major milestones the company has reached recently, in terms of initiatives; change of materials etc.; in reducing its environmental impact: including FSC certification; the Mattel PlayBack #TapToRebox scheme; the Barbie Loves the Ocean range and the Drive Toward a Better Future product roadmap.

“It’s not just our products and packaging that we are working to improve,” Pam tells us. “We aim to optimise resource consumption and reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% and, in addition, achieve zero manufacturing waste by 2030.”

Mattel believes sustainability creates value for people, planet and its business. “It’s not just a trend, but an opportunity for companies to generate value to society through their corporate values,” adds Pam. “We will continue to implement programmes and initiatives that advance our progress toward our product, packaging, operating footprint and DE&I goals.”

The company believes its brands are uniquely positioned to leverage their products, platforms and trusted relationships with consumers, to create cultural conversation can drive positive social and environmental change.

“We believe that Mattel can be a force for good by creating value for our stakeholders and at the same time contribute to a better future for the next generation,” says Pam.

To find out more about the latest sustainability developments at Mattel in more detail, including the latest products that reflect these goals, read the full interview which appeared in the February edition of Toy World.


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