Five Stars reveals new Qolor brand

Published on: 15th March 2016

The brand includes a wide variety of paint formulas, including Paperpaint, Fingerpaint and more.

Qolor-480The range also includes Windowpaint, Magicpaint, Chalkpaint and Gluepaint.

Paperpaint is a new press-and-paint brush pen which enables beautiful creations in drawings, spray art, canvas tape art and monster air art, simply by pressing the soft pen and using the brush to spread the paint.

The Fingerpaint pot has two functions; the integrated sponge helps young children to make the perfect fingerprint, plus they can explore little shapes inside the paint. The Fingerpaint can also be used with a 30-page fingerprint book or finger sponges.

Windowpaint can be used directly on glass or with special templates to make stickers which can be applied to smooth surfaces such as windows or mugs.

Magicpaint is 3D paint that is suitable for use on plastic, textiles and more, and Chalkpaint spray is for use outdoors with Five Stars’ specially designed 4-layered stencils, to create vibrant street art.

Finally, Gluepaint allows colours to be mixed on a base of white glue. The special glue paint cap from the paint pen is then used for drawing in the glue paint. The white glue paint dries out transparent, creating beautiful and colourful art.

Five Stars believes it is important to stimulate kids’ sense of creativity and ability to produce something from scratch. Through Qolor, the company has focused on finding ways of making children real artists with simple materials. Throughout the Qolor line one special paint pen is designed for use in all the different paint formulas, combined with the add-ons. The packaging has clear tutorials for ultimate play value, and all products comply with the latest European toy testing.

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