Flair relaunches Paper FX for new generation

Published on: 25th February 2022

Originally launched in 2008, Paper FX will now tap into current trends for upcycling and highlighting green issues.

Flair GP is to add to the wave of toys with eco-friendly features, with the relaunch of a favourite craft toy, Paper FX. The former DreamToy returns to market with a raft of high profile marketing behind it.

The Paper FX brand lets fashionable tweens and eco-conscious families create beautiful accessories, gifts and decorations from old magazines, wrapping paper, posters, junk mail and more. The Paper FX weaving machine cleverly recycles and transforms any sheet of paper or card in minutes.

Julia Cake, country manager at Flair GP, commented: “When previously launched in 2008, Paper FX took the toy market by storm, and it was confirmed as a Dream Toy by the Toy Retailers Association in the same year. Now, with upcycling and greener issues being even more top of mind, we expect great things for the relaunch.

From the very outset, the brand will be supported with TV advertising, together with influencer activity and Instagram parents. “Our new video from top craft YouTuber Ambi C has already received 185k views, and that number is still growing,” added Julia. “Ambi’s video perfectly demonstrates, in just three minutes, what a great and easy to use product this is.”

Marketing will continue to build throughout the year, making Paper FX the recycling themed creative play toy for 2022.

For more information, please call Flair on 0208 643 0320 or email

The video can be seen here:



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