Gender labelling of toys debate is reignited

Published on: 18th May 2015

IGen Insight has conducted a nationwide survey amongst adults in order to add real time insight into one of the key questions within the toy industry.

iGen-wordpressThe gender labelling debate once again arose with the news that has removed its gender filtering options on its main toys and games page.

IGen carried out a mini poll asking the general public whether they support this growing trend amongst toy retailers. Two thousand UK men and women were asked ‘Is the move to gender neutral categorisations of toys the right one?’

Whilst overall opinion leans in favour, the difference is only marginal, with 40% Yes, 36% No and the remaining 24% Undecided. However, in stark contrast, over 50% of men aged 55+ disagreed with the move.

Younger people (regardless of gender) are much stronger advocates for the move away from gender labelling, with 64% in support. However, even though overall support does decline by age, women amongst the same age group (55yrs+), are still much more likely to agree (44%), than men (23%).

Claire Milner, research manager, iGen, said: “Although it’s not possible for us to draw any definitive conclusions from this single poll, it certainly does point to some interesting age and gender divisions. With young people in much greater support of the move away from gender categorisation of toys, it suggests this issue will continue to have implications within the toy and games industry.”


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