Generation Media on cinemas and theatres preparing for a post-pandemic world

Published on: 1st May 2020

Greta Bisetto-Donelan of Generation Media writes that advertisers should look to cinemas, theatres and the Arts for post-pandemic inspiration and solutions.

Greta Bisetto-Donelan

After months of lockdown across the globe, we have finally reached the stage where, in most countries, companies and organisations have started focusing on planning post-Covid-19 strategies to re-engage with their audiences.

Out-of-home entertainment, encompassing cinemas, theatres and concerts, was one of the most impacted industries during lockdown. The consensus is that post-Covid-19 there will be an appetite like no other for real life entertainment and social interactions.

However, in absence of any clear date for the end of social distancing, we are witnessing several creative and innovative solutions to reopen sites and venues.

One of the most interesting examples is provided by The English National Opera (ENO), which will roll out an opera performance in the grounds of Alexandra Palace as a drive-In format. This strategy pre-dated the pandemic and was aimed at bringing the genre to a wider audience. Given the circumstances, its execution has been accelerated and will be activated in September. This is in addition to ENO’s current plans to open their standard and theatre-based offering, starting from September.

When it comes to cinemas, drive-Ins would offer an alternative. In Germany, they remained open during lock down and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, have been sold-out since the safety measures were adopted. Makeshift drive-ins in the UK could be an obvious and immediate solution to kickstarting the industry and starting to recoup the huge losses made during the pandemic, ready to resume standard business operations when possible.

Despite all concerns, in the UK, the cinema industry is feeling positive, with some of the key exhibitors planning to open this summer. Concerns over social distancing, if still happening, could be overcome by activating safe procedures in cinemas such as limiting numbers of admissions. Most exhibitors are pointing out that cinemas are one of the most controlled environments, hence reopening could happen very soon.

We at Generation Media are already working to bring agile and scalable content cinema solutions in real time in the UK and across Europe from Summer 2020. We are also working with cities and top experiential organisations on a Q4 2020 roll out of innovative and immersive family events and experiences. Please get in touch if you want your brand and content to be part of the biggest social renaissance of the century.


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