Geomagworld earns authentication

Published on: 7th April 2021

Geomagworld’s Geomag and Magicube ranges receive Early Years Authenticated and Authenticated Trustmarks.

Andrew B. Raupp, executive director,, commented: “Geomagworld’s products collectively achieved a score that placed both Magicube and Geomag in the top 98th percentile of all lines that our team has evaluated since we began authenticating STEM products in 2014.”

Since its inception in 1998, Geomagworld has been committed to the education of children through play with over two decades of unrivaled innovation. The company continues to invent toys that help children develop and learn key skills, such as science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) through the power of magnets and invisible forces. Magnetism lies at the core of Geomag’s ranges, inspiring building and fostering exploration and creativity in children, as well as producing fun and stimulating platforms that reinforce positive learning. The educational statements are supported by STEM experts that have reviewed and acknowledged Geomag’s commitment to supporting a child’s development.

The Early Years Authenticated and Authenticated Trustmarks streamline consumers’ ability to identify resources that conform to vetted STEM standards. When parents and educators observe Educational Research seals, they know that products will:

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly classrooms and homes
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards
  • Support the development of the learner’s 21st century skills
  • Engage users through hands-on learning and collaboration

When assessing each item,’s Educational Research takes into consideration the following criteria: STEM Subjects, 21st Century Skills, Support Materials, Diversity & Inclusion, Socialization & Communication, Imagination & Cognition, Kinesthetics & Active Play and STEM Careers.

The Early Years Authenticated Trustmark has been awarded to Geomag’s Magicube range, which stimulates creative free building for children from as young as six months. By playing with the individual cubes, children begin to develop their first manual skills. The Early Years Authenticated Trustmark has been awarded to 16 Magicube lines, including items across its 100% recycled plastics range and its picture cubes sets.

The Authenticated Trustmark was also awarded to 11 Geomag lines, all of which are made with 100% recycled plastic.

Andrea Calastri, VP Marketing Geomagworld commented: “Our vocation at Geomagworld is to encourage learning through play with our magnetic construction platforms and the magic of invisible forces. Inspiration comes directly from teachers who over the years have spontaneously used Geomag products as teaching tools, creating a unique educational experience. We are delighted to receive the Early Years Authenticated and Authenticated Trustmarks, and with them the recognition of the educational properties of the Magicube and Geomag ranges. This shows that our interdisciplinary approach to STEM learning represents real-life experiences and applications”.

Andrew B. Raupp, executive director,, added: “The Geomag brand is almost a decade ahead of others as it not only promotes open-ended play and facilitates STEM pedagogy at home and in the classroom, but genuinely takes into consideration sustainability.  From the materials it uses in its products, to its recycled cardboard packaging, it ticks all of the boxes for us here at”

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