GP Flair reveals Xeno marketing plans

Published on: 10th June 2014

GP Flair has unveiled the first details of the marketing drive behind Xeno, the interactive baby monster set to launch in July.


Xeno is the electronic friend who interacts and plays with his owner. With his unique aesthetics and multifaceted personality he offers a totally new play experience for boys and girls aged 6+. Xeno has over 10 emotions, including happy, sad, playful, hungry and unwell, along with over 40 eye expressions, meaning that he can communicate how he is feeling. His multiple sensors respond to touch so kids can tickle, feed and play with him. Xeno will dance and sing along to songs that he likes but will refuse to listen to songs he doesn’t. He comes preloaded with five mini-games to play and can talk to his Xeno Friends. Downloading the free app allows kids to play additional games and explore Xeno’s world.

Xeno’s launch represents huge investment in the sector for GP Flair. Speaking about the plans, marketing director Nic Aldridge said: “Consumer awareness will begin in the next couple of weeks, to raise awareness and build intrigue about Xeno and who he is. The new Xeno App is available for free download in both the App Store & Google Play, meaning that children will immediately be able to interact with Xeno’s personality whetting their appetite for the launch of the actual toy. From mid-July our main TV drive will begin with multiple versions of the TVC concentrating on Xeno’s cheeky personality and interactive features. The TV schedule will continue throughout the rest of the year and will be backed with some really imaginative PR and marketing support that is aimed to bring out the very core of Xeno’s personality.

“Digital is also an important part of the strategy and our online plan will engage with both boys and girls in a variety of new and interactive ways. This will be coupled with a viral campaign called ‘Xeno Phones Home’ and a press event at a top London attraction. Of course the social media drive with parent’s is not to be forgotten, with word of mouth from mum to mum ensuring they know what Xeno is all about when their children put him on their wish lists.

“Finally the retail experience has also been carefully considered with many ways in which to ‘Xenofy’ the retail space with unique POS and support. This final customer facing aspect will bring together what I consider to be one of Flair’s most extensive launch plans in the company’s history.”

Xeno launches at the end of July. For more information call Flair on 020 8643 0320 or email

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