HexBug prepares for autumn/winter launch of JunkBots

Published on: 3rd April 2020

JunkBots series one will comprise 36 light-up, motorised, buildable characters.

HexBug will launch brand new collectible JunkBots for autumn/winter in line with its US launch. There will be 36 JunkBots characters released in their first series, with each packaged in its own trash bin or dumpster. Each of the figures in the blind assortment of JunkBots can be taken apart and combined with other JunkBots parts to create unique, original characters.

As well as static JunkBots figures, the range features JunkBots power cores that include a vibrating mechanism, a motorised rotating part and light up cables that give the product a truly authentic feel. Children will love collecting them all, and the more JunkBots they collect, the more creative they can be. The trash bin packaging can also be used to display JunkBots creations, while the unboxing experience involves opening the trash bin or dumpster and removing all the parts that make up each character from them before piecing them together.

There will be three products in the range, including a Single Trash Can, including one JunkBot, a Dumpster Set including two JunkBots and a Large Dumpster Set which includes four JunkBots. Both the Dumpster Set and Large Dumpster Set guarantee power cores to bring the JunkBots to life.

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