Howie Beige receives Disney lifetime achievement award

Published on: 9th July 2018

The executive vice president of Rubie’s Masquerade received the award at the Disney UK Retail Showcase.

The event took place at Kings Palace London, where Simon Phillips, The Walt Disney Company’s executive vice president and general manager of consumer products, presented Howard Beige – commonly known as Howie to those within the industry – with the prestigious award.

As he prepared to present the award, Simon commented: “At Disney we don’t always give out a lifetime achievement award because when we do, we take it very seriously. The individual who receives the award has to have contributed something – not just to Disney, but to the industry – that is so monumental that they can be an inductee into the Disney Hall of Fame.”

He continued: “This individual always produces the very best product for us; their company is synonymous with Disney. Every franchise that we produce, they produce. And they produce it with a smile on their face and bring smiles to the faces of people around the world every day. Especially on Halloween.”

Rubie’s European relationship with Disney began with High School Musical in 2006 and has now extended to the entire Disney and Marvel portfolio as well as Lucas Films.

Howard was said to be “extremely honoured” by the award, stating: “Disney has been a tremendous partner for Rubie’s throughout the world. It’s always a pleasure working with such a collaborative and professional team. We look forward to building the Disney brands and working together in the years to come.”


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