Iconic murder mystery game Cluedo comes to Instagram

Published on: 2nd March 2023

Cluedo’s ‘rule of three’ – who, where, and with what – goes digital with a social media experience for fans developed by Hasbro.

Hasbro is celebrating the recent launch of its reimagined Cluedo board game with a month-long Cluedo murder mystery series on Instagram.

Taking place completely on Instagram, this game of Cluedo invites crime-solving social media sleuths to investigate the mysterious death of Boddy Black in a whole new way. Beginning today (March 2nd), detectives across the globe can begin compiling evidence, meet the suspects, immerse themselves in the world of Cluedo and crack the case on @officialcluedo.

Fans can also catch weekly recaps as the Instagram game unfolds from the New York Times best-selling author and host of the No. 1 true crime podcast, Crime Junkie, Ashley Flowers (@crimejunkiepodcast). Top UK influencers including ShaabaShaaba and Jammidodger will also be involved.

The Cluedo Instagram experience takes the iconic Cluedo characters of 2023 – Boddy Black, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, and Professor Plum – and transforms them into metahumans through Unreal Engine and motion capture technology. Every day, @officialcluedo will share new evidence, suspect testimonies, witness statements and first-person accounts that draw viewers around the globe into the twists and turns of a refreshed Cluedo mystery.

Cluedo has also partnered with McLaren, a creator of high-performance, luxury supercars, the luxury American fashion brand Halston, and smart home security provider Ring, integrating these real-life brands into the deepening mystery and further grounding the timeless Cluedo characters in the real world as players try to discover who killed Boddy Black, where they did it, and with what weapon.

“By expanding storytelling across multiple digital and physical formats, we’re breaking new ground for the original murder mystery game,” said Adam Biehl, SVP & general manager, Hasbro Gaming. “Fans can’t get enough of our new-look characters and we’re thrilled to provide fans across the globe the opportunity to, for the first-time ever, see their favourite Cluedo characters jump from the recently refreshed game board and into the real world of social media for a captivating crime solving experience unlike anything seen before.”

The global Cluedo Instagram murder mystery game formally kicked off last night in the heart of New York City during an immersive memorial experience for the world’s most popular murder victim, Boddy Black. Hosted by Ashley Flowers, high profile guests were invited under the guise of attending a memorial service for Boddy Black in his home – the perfect place for content creators and true crime podcasters to poke around for any nefarious materials or conversations that could help solve the death of Boddy. The experience served as a prequel to the Cluedo Instagram murder mystery: the immersive environment featured Cluedo character actors and the debut of the official Cluedo Instagram Game Cinematic Trailer, which can be viewed on the official Hasbro YouTube Channel (and below).

In January, Hasbro revealed a refresh to the iconic mystery-solving board game Cluedo that combines classic Cluedo gameplay with rich new takes on the original murder mystery storyline, an intriguing and diverse cast, highly-stylised game pieces and the glamorous Tudor Mansion.

Cluedo invites players to immerse themselves in an incredible mystery worth solving again and again. The new Cluedo board expands to form a satisfying 20×20” gameplay canvas, giving players a bird’s-eye overview of the intricate Tudor Mansion. The entire box set is designed to resemble Boddy Black’s desk, which is covered with blackmail evidence he’s acquired, giving players a chance to discover intel that helps unfold the mystery from the front to the back of the box. Gone are the generic-coloured pawns and simplistic murder weapon pieces which have been replaced with sculpted character movers made of metal with a golden finish, and richly textured weapons for a more captivating and aesthetically pleasing feel.

The next chapter of Cluedo is available now at most major retailers.


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