Indoor Fireworks brings back the sparkle

Published on: 26th October 2012

Reacting to popular demand, Indoor Fireworks wants to brighten up homes with its range of indoor fireworks.

Indoor ‘parlour’ fireworks have been in use since the 18th century, although they would certainly fall foul of current REACH regulations, and the testing and warning labels would probably not quite meet the requirements of EN14035.

Indoor Fireworks come in a protective outer box containing an internal card of 25 items spread over eight varieties. The selection pack contains strobes, smoke devices, bengals, sparklers, ice fountains and the serpent, as well as new ice fountains. This product is suitable for parties and celebrations all year round, particularly Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas and New Year.

Indoor Fireworks’ packs are in the same hazard group as the party popper, so no special licences are required to sell this product; they have been extensively tested, and are classified and authorised by the HSE.

For more information click here to visit the Indoor Fireworks website. Alternatively, call 08005 677 642, or email


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