John Adams supports UK Speedcubing Championship with Rubik’s brand sponsorship

Published on: 1st November 2019

The Speedcubing Championship hosted more than 300 speedcubers and crowned George Scholey as the UK champion.

UK champion George Scholey (middle)

On the 26th and 27th October the 2019 UK Cube Association’s Speedcubing Championship took place in Stevenage, with more than 300 speedcubers, from 27 different countries, competing to solve the classic puzzle in record time. John Adams Leisure, the UK distributor of Rubik’s, supported the annual three-day event with a Rubik’s branded sponsorship deal.

A new UK champion was crowned at the finals on Sunday – 17 year old George Scholey solved the classic 3×3 cube in an average time of 7.68 seconds. George also took home the title of the 2×2 cube UK champion, solving it in an average time of 1.81 seconds, with a personal best single solve time of just 0.91 seconds.

A new UK record was also set by Bertie Longden for solving the most 3×3 cubes whilst blindfolded. Bertie solved an impressive 31 cubes correctly out of 34 in 56:35 minutes.

“We were delighted to lend Rubik’s brand support at this year’s UK Championships,” said Lynette Norris, marketing manager, John Adams Leisure, “Each year, we’re blown away by the incredible solving-skills on display at the event and it’s a real honour to support the speed-cubing community in the UK.”


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