Jumbo to send Hitster to top of the charts

Published on: 24th August 2023

Jumbo Group is focusing on driving demand for its latest release, Hitster, reflecting a huge rise in marketing investment for 2023.

Hitster, from Jumbo Group, is a music card game that invites players to listen to over 100 years of hits and challenges them to arrange the songs in chronological order to create their own music timeline.

The party game is available now, in the UK and Ireland, following great success in Europe. With the UK launch campaign imminent, experiential marketing with influencers and celebrities will lead the way, and demonstrations are also planned at music festivals. Adding to this is heavyweight digital advertising planned across the season. Ensuring a wide audience is reached, YouTube and TikTok are included, together with an always-on Meta campaign.

Catherine Mooney, head of Marketing at Jumbo in the UK, said: “We’re cranking up the volume on our brand campaigns, and it’s an exciting time for Jumbo Group in the UK. Hitster has already taken Europe by storm, and our investment in this launch is a testament to our confidence. We’re not just aiming for buzz – we want Hitster to be the talk of the town. Our campaign is geared to deliver impressive reach, captivating audiences across all platforms and driving both buzz and demand.”

Jumbo’s marketing extravaganza isn’t just confined to Hitster. The group is promising a whirlwind of marketing activity across its brands, including heavyweight marketing investment into the Galt Toys brand and a greater focus on the brain-teasing Wasgij puzzles.

Jumbo Group is home to both the Galt brand, renowned for its creative play sets and science kits, as well as the Jumbo portfolio of fun games and popular puzzle brands including Wasgij, Falcon de luxe and Puzzle Mates. This all-encompassing portfolio is the result of the Jumbodiset and James Galt & Co. merger in July 2019, since which the team has undergone some significant strategic changes.

A dedicated marketing division has been established for the Group, with Catherine Mooney heading up the department, Hannah Preston as Social Media manager and Jonathan Hartley leading on E-commerce. All are overseen by Jacqueline Taylor Foo, general manager of James Galt & Co, part of Jumbo Group. The team will be working together to accelerate the firm’s marketing, with exciting plans for the final quarter and substantial investment committed to its brand campaigns.

For more information, contact or call 0161 428 9111.



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