KeyForge reaches 1 million registered decks worldwide

Published on: 21st June 2019

KeyForge, the ground-breaking Unique Deck Game by Fantasy Flight Games, and distributed by Asmodee, has hit a major milestone.

Asmodee has announced that KeyForge now has over 1m unique decks registered worldwide on the game’s Master Vault app.

Created by game designer Richard Garfield, KeyForge sees players duelling with pre-constructed decks, each of which is guaranteed to be a completely unique combination of cards that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. As well as an algorithmically generated deck name and card-back image, each deck comes with a QR code which can be used to register it on the Master Vault, to track players’ collections and record performance in Organised Play.

Following the release of KeyForge: Age of Ascension, the game’s second set which introduced over 200 new cards and paradigm-shifting new mechanics, the Master Vault has quickly swollen by over 250,000 registered decks. It passed the 1m mark less than three weeks after Age of Ascension hit stores.

Fantasy Flight Games has celebrated the milestone by awarding each user of the Master Vault 10 bonus Æmbershards, an in-app currency which players can earn by registering decks and competing in Organised Play, then exchange for prizes at KeyForge events.

KeyForge instantly became one of distributor Asmodee UK’s biggest-selling lines upon its release in November 2018, and the Age of Ascension set has started strongly in the same vein. What’s more, it’s understood that, though the 1m mark is a major milestone, the number of registered decks represents only a fraction of the total decks sold across the world.

Players can get started with KeyForge simply by purchasing one of the game’s unique Archon Decks (RRP £9.99), while the Two-Player Starter Set (RRP £23.99) – released as part of the Age of Ascension set – includes two unique decks and enough tokens for two players to explore the world of the Crucible together.


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