Kobots turns Cartoon Network on its head

Published on: 22nd February 2013

Magic Box launches its new Kobots range this week with a media first: an ‘upside-down’ homepage takeover of Cartoon Network.

To promote the dual action play of Kobots, activated by flipping a figurine’s base, the Cartoon Network homepage will initially appear upside down to users; normality is restored by firing virtual Kobots through a Kobotron. The promotion links to the custom-built Kobots Federation website which went live last week. Magic Box is running TV activity and will have presence on other boys’ sites and YouTube over half term. Magic Box partnered with Generation Media for the promotion.

Ben Harper, UK and Ireland director at Magic Box, said: “The flipped homepage is a real eye-catching introduction to the Kobots Federation, but it also promotes a stand-out feature of Kobots – that the base can be flipped upside down to change the gameplay.”

Magic Box and Generation Media worked with Turner Media Innovations to produce the takeover. Stephen Penston, digital sales manager, added: “We have been working to develop promotions and new digital formats to enable clients to engage with the valuable kids online audience in new and innovative ways. We have never physically flipped the homepage upside down which is an exciting media first for both Kobots and”

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