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Barbie announces Bape partnership

Published on: April 17th, 2019

Apparel partnership in Japan, UK, US and France announced as part the celebrations surrounding Barbie’s 60th Anniversary.

Barbie has teamed up with the Japanese street fashion brand Bape. Combining Barbie’s signature pink with Bape’s original designs, the Bape x Barbie collection pays homage to the iconic insignia that extends to an apparel and accessory collection for women and children.

The full line launches in stores this month, and will also be available online in Japan, UK, US and France.

Bape x Barbie blends Bape’s signature camo with Barbie’s classic ponytail silhouette for a unique tribute to the brands’ globally recognised logos. Barbie-inspired pop colours and iconic logos are mixed with Bape aesthetics for the 17-item collection for women and kids, including jackets, sweatshirts, pants, jewellery and more.

Also available are three limited-edition Bape x Barbie dolls with Bape x Barbie fashion packs that combine the styles of both brands. The dolls can be dressed head to toe in iconic Bape items, including the Shark Hoodie, the Ape Head Tee, and the Bape Sta, to create a unique look.

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