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Eolo Toys signs new EMEA Marvel licence for Helix Flyerz

Published on: December 5th, 2017

Helix Flyerz will be one of the company’s  flagship products in 2018, and promises to be a full Marvel experience. 

Eolo has signed its latest EMEA licence with Marvel for one of the newest outdoor toys for 2018: Helix Flyerz.

The flyer, which includes a easy launcher and doesn’t require batteries, will take consumers back to traditional outdoor play. With the Avengers and Spiderman Helix Flyerz, kids can make their superheroes fly up to 10 metres.

Eolo has already secured the product in 12 markets, with exclusive distribution deals and TV marketing.

Marvel is the latest addition to Eolo’s existing range of licences, joining household names such as Disney, Star Wars and Minions.

A spokesperson for Eolo commented: “The company is thrilled to launch its new licensed outdoor toy. Both the product and TV commercial look amazing. We are very excited, as 2018 will be a great Marvel Year.”

The product release is scheduled for the spring-summer 2018 campaign.

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