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Fortnite fans offered first glimpse of Chapter 2

Published on: October 17th, 2019

Two days after being wiped out by a meteor shower in a cataclysmic event dubbed ‘The End’, Fortnite is back online to the delight of its millions of fans. 

The battle-royale style gaming platform, owned by Epic Games, went down on October 13th, with players who tried to access Fortnite able to view only a dark screen with a black hole at its centre. Players who were online at the time of The End saw a shower of meteors strike the island, before being sucked into a rift and returned to the black hole screen.

However, the game – now called Fortnite Chapter 2 – is now back up and running, with a launch trailer unveiled yesterday (Tuesday 15th) revealing a new map, new vehicles and new weapons. At the time of writing, the trailer has been viewed nearly 6m times.

The biggest change to Fortnite is the new island, which offers a far more water-based gameplay experience based across a rugged landscape. Players can now swim or use motorboats to move between the 13 distinct new locations, which can be explored before deciding which will become their go-to landing location. Players can even go fishing.

Now, the game’s developers can only sit back and wait for fan feedback to start rolling in. After a lot of hype and a long build-up to The End, Fortnite Chapter 2 has a lot to live up to. However, licensees such as Jazwares, Moose Toys and Funko should be pleased with the game’s overhaul; it appears to offer a wealth of new content ready to be turned into toys and merchandise.


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