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Global licensing industry now worth over £200b

Published on: October 6th, 2017

LIMA’s 2017 Annual Global Licensing Industry survey highlights the growth of the global brand licensing market and trends.

In the last year, the global brand licensing industry has grown 4.4% and is now worth over £200 billion (£201.6 billion). To break this down, the U.S and Canada accounts for 58% (£112.6 billion) of the brand licensing market whilst the Western European market makes up 20% (£38.8 billion) of the industry. This overwhelms Eastern Europe which equates to merely 4% (£7.3 billion) of the global industry.

More specifically, five of the top ten individual markets for licensing globally, come from Europe. These are: UK, Germany, France, Italy, and The Netherlands.

From a global perspective, the majority of growth this year was entertainment centric, driven by the content-rich Entertainment/Character sector which generated 45% of the growth (£90.7 billion). The next largest area was the 21% of revenue based on corporate brands and trademarks (equivalent to £41.9 billion).

Clothing leads all product categories with £30.1 billion in revenue, which is 15% of total global licensed retail sales, followed by Toys at £26.9 billion (13% share), and Fashion Accessories at £22.7 billion (11% share).

With regards to e-commerce, the rise in online purchases has put further pressure on bricks-and-mortar retail growth. The global LIMA survey shows that on-line sales now account for 21% of all licensed retail sales worldwide, up from 18% a year earlier. In Western Europe 19% of licensed product sales came through online channels, while China had the highest online licensed product sales at 41%. On the other hand, in Japan and France, physical retail remains dominant, accounting for over 80% of licensed goods sales in their markets respectively.

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