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Monopoly celebrates 50th anniversary of The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Published on: July 5th, 2018

Winning Moves has announced a special edition of the classic game.

Produced by Winning Moves, and under official licence from Hasbro, the Yellow Submarine edition, based on the iconic animated film, is launching to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the film. The game will be re-released on 8th July in picture houses and independent cinemas across the UK as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Like Monopoly itself, it is likely to have a strong appeal to game-playing families and friends of all ages, as well as the many fans of The Beatles and Yellow Submarine.

The edition will be packaged in a colourful box, featuring the cartoon incarnations of the Fab Four and characters from the film, as well as the famous Yellow Submarine itself. The board will look very different from the familiar London edition of the game: Regent Street, Bond Street, Oxford Street and all the London stations and utilities have been replaced by Nowhere Land, Rainbow Tunnel, Sea of Green, Trombone Express and Mersey Works (to name only a few), as well as new versions of the Chance and Community Chest squares and cards that say ‘It’s All In The Mind’ and ‘Nothing is Real’. The tokens are different too, and include Old Fred, Sgt. Pepper Drum, Dreadful Flying Glove, Jeremy Hillary Boob, Love Sign and Yellow Submarine.

Winning Moves commented: “The extraordinary and unforgettable Yellow Submarine has contributed some wonderful themes and imagery to this very special edition of one of the world’s favourite board games. Winning Moves is delighted to be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of this much-loved and unique film.”

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