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Oddbods delivers strong results

Published on: November 15th, 2018

One Animation has released viewing figures following a month-long engagement activity.

One Animation’s Oddbods has wowed audiences and exceeded expectations, delivering strong results and immersive activity across social media, influencer marketing and brand collaborations; with exclusive Halloween content being viewed by an audience of over 250m views during the month of October.

The Halloween special reached the heights of over 35m views on Oddbods proprietary channels alone, with YouTube Kids dedicating a takeover on the channel, supported by free content downloads, official banners and hands-on activity, including exclusive prizes and prints from the Oddbods creator, Richard Thomas.

YouTube sensation Tiana got hands-on and played hide and seek with the Oddbods on her smash-hit channel Toys AndMe, with more content to follow later this month.

To round off an exceptional month of fan engagement, the Oddbods have also now perfected the ‘Kidz Bop shuffle’ – the much loved and widely known signature dance move of Kidz Bop, the no. 1 US music brand for kids – boasting sales of over 19m albums, in a collaborative series of social media posts and feature length videos, with more content due to be released later in the year.

Anabel Higgin, marketing director, One Animation, commented: “We’re over the moon at how our content has been devoured this Halloween and the incredible names we are now collaborating with, including stars such as Tiana, and record-breakers Kidz Bop, are only reinforcing what our loyal fan base is telling us. Our talented in-house studio are working around the clock to keep a full pipeline of cutting edge and hilarious content, with more seasonal collaborations across licensing and broadcast partners to be announced very shortly.”

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