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Oddbods nursery campaign delivered to 2m kids

Published on: March 15th, 2019

Over 140,000 UK pre-school teachers, child minders and nursery carers took part.

Targeting Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and KS1 children, the Oddbods campaign delivered a variety of communications materials including activity sheets, fun make & do ideas for kids, parents and carers, and lesson planning concepts, each inspired by the seven different quirky and relatable Oddbod characters.

Anabel Higgin, marketing director, One Animation, commented: ‘The key principles of EYFS recognise that every child can be resilient, capable and confident, and that all children develop in different ways. The rib-tickling antics of the Oddbods’ very different characters, celebrate individuality and help promote discussions around navigating life’s challenges, opportunities and daily events – so it’s no surprise our award-winning content has been thoroughly welcomed and implemented by so many educational leaders and parents as part of our campaign.’

The globally acclaimed, relatable storylines and consumers’ unquenching thirst for content and engagement has propelled Oddbods’ views to 7b views to date and 15m per day across YouTube.

Bespoke content and activities for parents and care-givers can be found here.

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