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Oddbods takes to the skies with SilkAir

Published on: January 2nd, 2018

SilkAir is set to launch Oddbods-themed kids’ in-flight fun packs in collaboration with Wessco International.

The fun pack consists of a multipurpose kids’ pouch featuring the hilarious and quirky characters from the Emmy nominated kid’s show Oddbods plus SilkAir, and Singaporean landmarks, together with an Oddbods Travel Journal booklet in which kids can keep a log of their travels with SilkAir. The pouch comes with a convenient, passport holder style outer pocket for kids to place their booklets.

Pauline Hiu, licensing director of One Animation, commented: “As travel becomes an integral part of our lifestyle, we wanted to bring the special brand of Oddbods comedy, fun and laughter into the in-flight experience, creating happy memories that will be treasured by kids far and wide.”

Oddbods has over 2.4 billion views on YouTube, is broadcast on major television networks around the world and has received high praise this year having been awarded a prestigious Pulcinelle Award, an Emmy nomination, and most recently, a Kidscreen Awards nomination for Best Animated Series.

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