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The Jim Henson Company appoints Rockpool Licensing

Published on: October 10th, 2017

Rockpool Licensing has been appointed as UK licensing agency of records.

The Jim Henson Company has appointed Vickie O’Malley’s Rockpool Licensing to represent its licensing and merchandising activities in the UK.

Initial pre-school brands Rockpool Licensing will manage for The Jim Henson Company include the marine biology series Splash and Bubbles (80 x 11), which airs in the US on PBS Kids; the CGI-animated Doozers (52 x 11), a Hulu Original for kids, and the digital citizenship series for pre-schoolers Dot. (52 x 11), which currently airs in the US on Universal Kids, where it has been a top performing franchise since its debut. Classic properties to be represented by Rockpool Licensing include Fraggle Rock (96 x 30’), and fantasy Labyrinth, both of which have recently been digitally remastered for a whole new generation of fans.

Ian Lambur, management consultant, global distribution, at The Jim Henson Company, commented: “Vickie’s appointment ensures that we can offer a diverse range of opportunities for children to engage with our brands. Her expertise in developing licensing and merchandising programs and delivering them across retail in the UK market is highly valued.”

Vickie O’Malley, MD Rockpool, added: “It’s an absolute honour to represent The Jim Henson Company, an iconic organisation that has brought so many beloved characters to life. The opportunity for Rockpool to take Doozers, Splash and Bubbles, Dot., and Henson’s classic brands, including Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth, to the UK licensing community was too good to miss.”

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