Midco Toys asks: ‘Who you gonna call?’

Published on: 1st October 2019

Playmobil Ghostbusters characters paid a visit to Midco Toys following reports of some spooky goings-on – but could they find the source of the haunting?

As part of its 17th anniversary celebrations, Midco Toys welcomed the Playmobil Ghostbusters crew to one of its stores after strange occurrences around the shop floor led staff to put in a call to the famous team of freelance ghost removers.

The spooky event, which was captured on camera, saw the four Ghostbusters – Ray, Peter, Egone and Winston – arrive in the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle before sneaking around the store equipped with proton blasters, as they attempted to locate the source of the haunting.

Owner and founder David Middleton explained: “We got the car to visit the shop as part of our anniversary celebrations, which we run every year. Last year we worked with Hasbro to have the Optimus Prime truck make an appearance outside the store. This year’s Ghostbusters theme, which marks our 17th anniversary, attracted people from all over the country. The car was supplied by a company based in the west Midlands and originated from Washington in the USA, and apparently was one of many cars screen used. We saw a massive boost in footfall and sales, which gave us the opportunity to distribute over 2,000 savings club vouchers, catalogues and loyalty cards.”

“Playmobil provided all four Ghostbusters character outfits and supported us fully,” added Dave. “Playmobil is brilliant with indies and supported us fantastically and without hassle. I am a massive Ghostbusters fan myself, and seeing that car drive past the shop was awesome. We believe the event attracted around 4,000 people, and we’ll be looking to work on something similar again next year.”


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