New Vuly Play Toy Inventor Program open for submissions

Published on: 23rd August 2021

The Toy Inventor Program is open to entrants across the globe to submit a toy-related concept, idea, or design, not restricted to outdoor play.

Leading Australian outdoor play equipment company, Vuly Play, has launched a Toy Inventor Program which is now open for public submissions. Offering toy inventors a platform to turn their ideas into a reality, Vuly Play has asked inventors to submit a detailed description of the invention listing; its purpose, how it works, what benefits it has, along with any relevant documentation and media. The company says a sample prototype is highly desirable but not required.

Inventors from around the world can submit their designs to Vuly Play via the website here.

Vuly Play founder and CEO Joe Andon said: “We want to make magic happen; we’re going to make somebody’s dream come to life. Out there somewhere in the world, somebody has the next big thing, but they may have no ability, experience, distribution, marketing, manufacturing or resources to take it to market. In that case, we would make the perfect partner. There are many good ideas in the world, but normally, unless they have been developed and fleshed before they get to us, they’re probably not going to go far.”

Vuly Senior industrial designer, Connor Crawford, added: “We feel it is a brilliant opportunity for us as a company to provide smarter, safer and more innovative products to our customers while providing a great platform for inventors from all over the world.”

Vuly Play is an Australian-owned and run outdoor play equipment company, based in Brisbane. With extensive experience in production and prototyping successful and marketable products. Vuly has successfully launched various products throughout Australia, Europe, and North America. The company says it is looking to expand the Vuly brand and its global presence by collaborating with inventors to produce new products that children and families can enjoy and is proud to launch this programme to offer inventors the chance to bring their products to market.


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