New wearable tech toy solves gender gap issue in STEM learning

Published on: 5th December 2014

Elena Corchero, founder of ZippyKit has launched a Kickstarter campaign.ZippyKit-300

The Smart Puppet is a DIY kit combining smart-textiles and electronics to engage both girls and boys in a single activity. Elena Corchero explains in the video how technology has opened doors in her career, and how she wishes to promote equal opportunities for everyone despite age or gender. The toys are designed with a linking system that doesn’t require sewing or soldering, encouraging individuals to assemble LED circuits, interactive paws and voice-recorders. Elena’s research suggests assembling a toy teaches the bases of STEM learning and creates a bond with the toy.

The project has already raised 25 percent of its goal and will be running until the 20th of December 2014.


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