Bandai expands Arts and Crafts portfolio with new Foodie Surprise kit

Published on: November 8th, 2019

Bandai UK is launching Foodie Surprise, the new DIY sweet making kit.

Bandai UK has grown its position within the Arts & Crafts category with the introduction of new creative playsets and activities. The new DIY sweet making kit will be launched in the UK for the Q4 period.

Bridging collectability with craft play, Foodie Surprise includes various food carts to collect, from Ice Cream to Pizza Trucks, and allows children to create real food that they can eat and share with friends. Each food cart becomes a mould to create themed sweets, and kits include collectible characters for added  play value.

Notably, all ingredients contain only naturally occurring sugars, and Takeout Boxes are available as additional sweet-making packs which can be used alone or in conjunction with existing carts. The new product range is supported by a heavyweight marketing campaign including TV, digital, social and events. Expansion plans for a second series of themed Food Carts and Takeout Boxes are underway for a 2020 launch. A major innovation within the range is Yolkies; a combination of sugar free, edible slime and collectible surprise toys encased in mystery eggs.

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