Brainstorm launches StikBot Dinos

Published on: April 27th, 2018

A new Dino themed TV ad will broadcast from the beginning of June and will be at the forefront of its marketing efforts.

The StikBot Dino range is made up of the StikBot Mega Dinos – three Dinosaur breeds (T-Rex, Carnotaurus and Brontosaurus) that are bigger than any other StikBot released before. Not only will they allow children to create unique animations with the StikBot app, the Dinos come in red, green and blue so kids can create their own dinosaur collection.

Featuring even more Dino breeds, a specially created CDU contains all 24 blind StikBot Dino Eggs with one rare Dino in every 24. This pocket money version of the range will allow children to experience everything the StikBot range has to offer in terms of imaginative play, and learning how to create their very own stop-frame animations using green screen technology. Children will also be able to enjoy the multitude of StikBot videos on the StikBot Central YouTube channel, as well as uploading their own videos.

Nick Saunders, sales and marketing director at Brainstorm, commented: “Early sales of the StikBot Dino range have been extremely positive, and we are already taking more orders for the second wave, so we would ask customers to get orders in early.”

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