Disney to launch new Art Attack range

Published on: July 17th, 2012

Disney has announced it will launch a new Art Attack product range this Christmas.

The activity-based and interactive ranges will inspire young children to experiment with arts and crafts, and make Art Attack designs.

Licensees Clementoni and Copywrite have lent their expertise in the arts and crafts field to develop the range of products.

The Clementoni range includes original products such as the Magnetic Drawing Board, which comes complete with magic pen and eraser, and Monster Attack, which encourages children to experiment with cardboard, paper maché and origami. The range will also include products such as the Drawing Projector, which projects images for children to copy, and the Mandala Spyro Sand which uses coloured sand to create innovative images.

The Copywrite range features a collection of colourful and exciting products based around core art materials, including the Texture Brush Paint Brushes, Colouring Art Pens and Pencils. The Craft Puncher allows children to create various effects with different materials. The collection also includes accessories such as the Art Apron and the Messy Mat.

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