Exclusive – Wynne-Jones IP: “We’re Brexit-ready. Are you?”

Published on: August 14th, 2019

In the August issue of Toy World, Victor Caddy of Wynne Jones IP Ltd looked at the potential implications of a departure from the EU for UK toy companies.

Victor has become known as something of a Brexit expert or a “Brexpert”, as Wynne-Jones likes to call it (names is what they do). As lead attorney and director of trademarks and designs at Wynne-Jones IP, Victor’s team is the one most affected by Brexit. He believes that anyone working for a toy or licensing business with brands, designs, product and innovation at the heart of what they do ought to try to become something of a Brexpert too.

Brexit will impact the toy industry, even businesses that haven’t dared come out from behind the sofa yet.

Contingency plans may have been made, be it for holding stock, ring-fencing budgets due to any uncertain currency crashes, or managing border issues, but as for a company’s most valuable assets – its ideas, names, logos, goodwill, intellectual property – it’s time to make sure they are protected and time to accelerate Brexit plans.

The article outlines what you need to know. In the unlikely event that you are confused after this explanation, or (more likely) you don’t have time, your legal team is already over-loaded, or you simply want it taken off your hands, the Brexperts at Wynne-Jones are on hand to help and can even send you a longer, more comprehensive guide to “Brexit: A True Story”.

To read the full article, which appeared in the August edition of Toy World, click here.

Toy businesses with licensing agreements should also look out for Wynne-Jones IP’s easy-to-understand “How To” guide in the special October BLE issue of Toy World.

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