Gibsons Games celebrates 30th anniversary

Published on: June 29th, 2016

It has been 30 years since chairman Michael Gibson introduced jigsaw puzzles to the business.

gibsons480Having successfully strengthened the Gibsons’ board games range through the late seventies and eighties, Michael Gibson found a sharp decline in the market as computers and computer games started to make their mark in the late 20th century. Therefore, in 1986, the team launched a range of photographic jigsaw puzzles that depicted aerial scenes of Britain from above.

“The jigsaw puzzle industry was a tough market to join at the time as it was dominated by companies such as, Waddingtons, Arrow (Milton Bradley) and Falcon,” states Michael Gibson, grandson of the Gibsons founder, Harry Percy Gibson. “However, Hasbro bought Waddingtons in 1994 and decided to suspend all jigsaw puzzle production. This gave us the opportunity to approach ex-Waddington artists such as Mike Jupp, and work with them on various projects, which built our brand and reputation considerably.”

Gibsons prides itself on its quality customer services and puzzle designs, by specifically choosing artwork by renowned artists from Britain and around the world.

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