Halilit warns retailers to be vigilant over counterfeits

Published on: February 11th, 2019

The pre-school music specialist is becoming increasingly concerned about the appearance of counterfeit Halilit instruments.

Genuine Halilit musical instruments conform to EN71 standards as well as the 2013 acoustic standards.

Halilit is warning retailers to ensure they check all certification thoroughly, after a spate of counterfeit musical instruments has entered the marketplace in recent months.

Having built a solid reputation for its high quality and robust instruments, the manufacturer has always placed safety at the very top of its priority list when developing products, and is aware that others may not do the same.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Judith Stark, MD, commented: “We have been alerted of a number of Halilit copies on the global marketplace over the past few months, and wish to remind retailers and suppliers alike to be cautious and alert when offered baby and pre-school instruments that resemble Halilit products. We have invested considerably in ensuring our instruments are safe for babies as young as three months, and have also undergone a lengthy process to re-engineer items in accordance with the implementation of the 2013 acoustic standards. The copy products that we have seen lately would not, in our belief, comply with these current EN71 standards, and therefore we have concerns about the authenticity of testing certification provided with these products.’

Halilit suggests that anybody approached with what they believe to be imitation instruments should ask to see full EN71 certification from after 2013.

Retailers seeking genuine musical toys for babies and toddlers are urged to speak with the team about obtaining original Halilit branded goods.

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