Hans Van Dan Elzen breaks yo-yo world record

Published on: January 30th, 2018

The world record for yo-yo loop the loops was smashed on the first day of London Toy Fair, at the Wilton Bradley stand.

Yo-yo champion and founder of the Yo-Yo Factory, Hans Van Dan Elzen, performed 159 loop the loops on the Wilton Bradley stand, beating the previous record of 151.

Watched by four camera crews, photographers and a crowd of well-wishers, Hans proved he is still the man to beat when it comes to yo-yo tricks.

Wilton Bradley is seeing an upsurge in interest in the classic toy in the wake of the fidget spinner craze.

Simon Hampson, head of sales and marketing for Wilton Bradley, commented: “We were delighted to have Hans and his colleagues Gentry Stein and Anne Connelly on the stand. Yo-yos are the original spinning toy and sales indicate the interest from a new generation, especially with Youtube videos and ‘how to’ vlogs showing how it’s done.”

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