Hasbro announces latest toys and games

Published on: March 13th, 2018

Kids can blast cars and play pet groomers with Hasbro’s new raft of releases. 

This month, Hasbro is introducing the new Nerf Nitro set, Aerofury Ramp Rage. With this set, kids can create stunts as they fire foam cars from blasters that feature the power and performance of traditional Nerf blasters. The Nerf Nitro set comes with two foam cars and a long jump ramp for impressive long-distance stunts.

Speak Out Showdown is an electronic head-to-head mouthpiece challenge game. Players try to get their teammates to correctly guess more correct phrases than their opponents, but the game features an electronic interrupter with a hand that randomly determines when a player can speak out – or not. Trying to enunciate silly phrases is as hilarious as trying to figure out what’s being said in this game.

With FurReal Shaggy Shawn, kids can enjoy styling a handsome canine over and over again with the help of a buzzer accessory that really buzzes.

Finally, in Monopoly Junior Electric Banking players move around the board buying property, picking up Chance cards, and earning money. Players use the banking unit to keep track of their cash. They can buy property, pay rent, and collect money when they pass Go with their Monopoly game bank cards. When one player goes bankrupt, the game ends, and the player with the most cash wins.

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