HTI reveals new pocket money brand Fruitopia

Published on: June 12th, 2019

New scented range includes a host of different items such as bubbles, putty and charms in delicious fruity scents.

Keeping in-line with fast-moving playground crazes is a key component to HTI Toys pocket money business model, and new brand Fruitopia promises to be a major part of it.

Ideal for summer, kids can create sweet-smelling bubbles simply by waving the scented Bubble Wavers. There are four fruity characters to choose from. The Fruitopia Bag Charms are a vibrant addition to any bag or purse. These cute and colourful charms easily clip on to accessories and include popular cosmetics such as lip balm and hand gel.

With endless shapes and figures to build, Fruitopia’s range of Scented Dough comes complete in four sweet scents including strawberry, grape, watermelon and pineapple. Fans of compounds will also enjoy HTI’s new Fruitopia Stretchy Putty. A fruity twist on the popular putty craze, kids can stretch, snap and splat this putty for hours.

The fluffy Fruitopia Pom Pom Keychains will brighten up backpacks to help kids stand out in the playground, while
children can also enjoy hours of fun snapping, sharing and playing with the Fruitopia Snap Bands. Perfect for complementing any outfit, the bands are an ideal style accessory no matter the occasion.

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