Japan wins World Othello Championship

Published on: November 3rd, 2015

Yusuke Takanashi from Japan became the World Othello Champion on Saturday at the University of Cambridge.

othello480The annual World Othello Championship attracted the best Othello players from 20 countries around the world who battled it out against each other over a period of four days.

Yusuke Takanashi said: “I’m so happy. I’ve been playing the game for 10 years now and this is the fourth time I have been World Champion. For any Othello player, winning the World Championship is the ultimate goal and I’ve done it again.”

As the World Othello Champion, Yusuke will win $3,000 as well as having his name permanently inscribed on the rotating Othello Trophy, alongside the previous 38 World Othello Champions.

Competitors secured their place in the final by being the top players in their country’s national Othello Championship, which took place earlier in the year.

Lynette Norris, marketing manager at John Adams, said: “The lead up to the tournament has been hugely exciting and it’s great to see so many Othello players and fans of the game come together from across the world. The World Othello Championships has been an impressive and successful event which John Adams have thoroughly enjoyed sponsoring.”

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