JKC Toymaster celebrates 25 years of Toymaster membership

Published on: October 11th, 2019

Based in Nenagh, Ireland, the retailer specialises in outdoor toys and trampolines. 

Congratulations have been given to JKC Toymaster, who has been a Toymaster member for 25 years. Manager Michael Cleary was recently presented with a commemorative plaque in recognition of the landmark achievement by Toymaster chairman Ciaran Fitzpatrick.

Michael took over the business from his parents in 1987, and now specialises in outdoor toys including ground-level Berg trampolines. The business is enjoying a successful year, trading 4% up off the back of trampoline sales as well as the performance of its Lego and farm toy ranges.

Speaking exclusively to Toy World, Michael commented: “At JKC Toymaster, we aim to be a destination store, the shop that kids nag their parents about visiting. We talk to our business neighbours; the message we need to get out is that retail is a two-way street. If customers don’t shop in the town centre it will become a ghost town, populated solely by coffee shops, bookmakers and estate agents. Yes, people have changed, our lifestyles have changed, where and how we shop has changed, but we need to respond by rising to the challenge. I have a quote stuck on my office wall: ‘The problem contains the solution’. Amidst all the retail upheaval at the moment, I believe there is real opportunity.”

To read a full Talking Shop piece with Michael, look out for it in our November issue.

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