KD UK launches the Kurio Watch

Published on: June 29th, 2016

The new introduction is the latest addition to the Kurio range of child safe technology.

kurio480The Smart Watch delivers gaming, education and social communication through a multi-functional touch screen. The watch features a customisable interface, 128 MB of internal memory, a high-quality camera and video recorder.

Using the inbuilt Bluetooth technology, users can take part in multi-player gaming via the 20 pre-loaded apps. The built-in games include a motion sensor feature that can be played using a child’s precise wrist movements. Children can also send messages to their friends through text, photos, emoji, drawings and voice.

The watch is equipped with basic smartwatch tools such as an alarm, calendar and calculator as well as an activity tracker, photo retouch, drawing and music player apps. Users can also customise the interface, choosing from 10 different designs and take selfies using the forward facing camera.

Kurio Watch also has an on-board speaker and can be paired with Android phones for hands free call functions. The watch is available in blue and pink and with an SD card slot giving users the option to add up to 32GB of memory.

“Kurio is a dedicated children’s consumer electronics brand delivering adult quality interactive experiences but on hardware and software platforms conceived with kids in mind,” said Seth Bishop, managing director at KD UK. “The Kurio Watch is the perfect addition to the range; it’s not a toy and it’s not a device for parents to track and monitor their children. It’s simply the ultimate smart watch for kids.”

The Kurio watch will be available from mid-July.

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