Keycraft global switches to sustainable materials in Living Nature brand

Published on: October 7th, 2019

New stock for the Living Nature brand with Recycled Post-Consumer PET plastic will be available from January 2020.

Keycraft Global has announced that it has taken major steps to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly difference with the Living Nature soft toy animal brand.

In January 2020, stock will be arriving into the company’s warehouses of soft toy animals whose stuffing is made from Recycled Post-Consumer PET plastic, which is most commonly used in plastic bottles and food containers.

Customers will start to see special tags attached to Living Nature soft toys which will contain a new fun fact. They will also be able to see approximately how much recycled PET plastic there is in each soft toy, measured in terms of 500ml plastic bottles pictured on each tag.

Sales director Greg Cowie said: “We’re delighted that our buying team has been able to make this transition, because we know just how much these small differences can do for our environment”.

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