Kids@Play launches Waddles the Waddle Duck

Published on: July 11th, 2019

Huge demand in the USA meant the product has taken over 18 months to arrive in the UK & Ireland. 

Kids@Play has confirmed Waddles the Waddle Duck has cleared customs and arrived into stock in Caerphilly.
It’s taken more than 18 months to bring Waddles to UK & Irish shores due to the huge demand seen in the US, which prevented the early availability of the product in international markets.

Waddles comes in a full colour box, and requires users to attach the one-time-fit handle before the fun can commence. Next, kids can simply push Waddles the Waddle Duck along any surface to see his feet begin to flap. As Waddles gets going, kids will hear the quacking start; and the faster they push, the more quacks they can enjoy. Kids find this noise and movement hilarious. With no batteries required, this product offers simple push-along fun.

Waddles’ launch into the UK & Eire market will be supported by Kids@Play’s largest social media campaign to date, utilising its recently shot TV commercial quality video.

Nathaniel Southworth, owner of Kids@Play, said: “We have been really looking forward to getting Waddles to market, and we are delighted he has landed this week. Everyone smiles when they see Waddles in action – it’s a fantastic toy that will feature in lots of happy childhood memories.”

For further information on Waddles the Waddle Duck, please contact Kids@Play via or by calling 01291 429000.

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