Kids@Play recruits for growth

Published on: July 12th, 2018

James Southworth will be joining the team as business development manager.

Since attending London and Nuremberg toy fairs, James has led a major warehouse reorganisation project on a consultancy basis. As James’ interest in the business has evolved, Kids@Play has worked with Vance Withers of 496 Partnership to broaden James’ experience of the toy industry.

James Southworth commented: “I have been blown away by the buzz and excitement the toy industry has to offer. I have soaked up everything Vance had to share, and I am grateful to Malcolm, Neil and Nat for talking me through various areas of the business. Now I can’t wait to put it all into practice.”

Nathaniel Southworth, Kids@Play managing director, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that James has agreed to join us as his “can do” attitude lifts everyone he works with. Recruiting from outside the toy industry always has some challenges but putting a development plan in place with Vance has alleviated this, and we are confident this rapid induction can be supported by mentoring within our team.”

James will begin to pick up account management responsibilities and continue to oversee ongoing process improvements within the Kids@Play operations function.

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