K’nex reaches over 25,000 followers on PopJam

Published on: August 23rd, 2017

Since launching a year ago, the K’nex PopJam account has gained 26,000 followers and counting.

The milestone has been reached using a strategic mixture of engaging content to spark and retain users’ interest.

Recent highlights include 52,857 downloads of a bespoke Sticker Pack containing emoji style K’nex parts and pieces. A Personality Quiz has also performed strongly since launching just a fortnight ago, with 4,392 users so far answering fun questions to reveal which K’nex Thrill Rides Roller Coaster is their perfect match.

SuperAwesome chief strategy officer, Paul Nunn, heading up PopJam commented: “The K’nex Sticker Pack has so far been downloaded over 52,000 times, which is a hugely impressive level of engagement on our platform. Coupled with rapid follower growth, this demonstrates clearly that the K’nex brand and the content on its channel is genuinely compelling to kids, and that the PopJam platform is absolutely the right place for the brand to engage with existing fans and recruit new ones.”

K’nex UK managing director Paul Fogarty added: “Today’s kids are super savvy consumers who find it easy to spot sales copy and tune it out, so it’s important that we offer them genuinely engaging content they want to like and share. The results of our PopJam activity so far reinforce the power of putting the right content in the right place.”

K’nex posts regular content on PopJam throughout the week, using a variety of engaging calls to action, from complete this picture and circle the build you prefer, to spot the differences and tag us for a ReJam.

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