Lego unveils new social network for kids

Published on: January 31st, 2017

Lego-480Lego fans from around the world can now share their builds with a new social network designed for kids.

Lego Life is a new social network specifically designed for kids to safely interact and engage in all things Lego.

It’s a Lego-themed Instagram with strict comment restrictions and all the ads are Lego related. Users can post pictures of their creations, follow users and comment on posts with special Lego emoji’s. The app will also offer building challenges to try and jump-start creativity in kids using the app, and new Lego sets will encourage kids to share pictures of their latest builds on Lego Life in the instruction manual.

Lego Life will also serve a central place for kids to consume Lego marketing content, with individual product lines like Star Wars getting centralised hubs to help promote videos and pictures of sets. Social media accounts for Lego characters (like Ninjago’s Master Wu or Lego Batman) will also be on the app to comment on creations.

In terms of online safety, Lego Life accounts are prevented from sharing any personal information — avatars are customized Lego minifigures, account names are a series of randomised words and all images and comments are heavily moderated through a combination of an automated filter and a team of Lego employees who filter content. Meanwhile, any uploaded images are restricted from having text comments, instead using a set of custom Lego emoji, stickers and pre-written responses.

Lego also has plans for Lego Life beyond the social sharing aspect that makes up most of the app at launch. The company envisions the Lego Life as a central hub for all of Lego’s online services: eventually, other Lego games will eventually use your Lego Life account and creations through the app.

Lego Life is available now on Android and iOS in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland.

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