Mayka Tape celebrates launch of Lego Ninjago movie

Published on: October 13th, 2017

Zuru, makers of the toy block tape Mayka, is marking this month’s launch of the Ninjago movie with a series of Ninja-inspired ideas.

Tipped as one of 2017’s most popular toy inventions, Mayka is 100% compatible with Lego and all other leading toy block brands.

To celebrate the launch of the blockbuster Hollywood movie, Zuru has been working on its own mini movie created as homage to the mini Ninjas. Filmed using stop-motion techniques, the video can be found below, and was shot using Mayka Tape to help build the Ninja characters, and create the fighting arena environments.

Mayka can be used to bring brick fans’ imaginations to life, and Zuru wants to see people’s Ninja building skills. From creating picture perfect play worlds to designing home and fashion accessories, fans are invited to share their designs using #ninjabuildskills.

Zuru is also partnering with cinemas across the UK to show the Mayka advertisement during the screenings.

Renee Lee, global marketing manager at Zuru, commented: “Mayka is toy building bricks best friend and the Lego Ninjago film is a tentpole event within this category that we’ve been excited about. Now kids can play with their Ninjago sets in all new ways.”

Mayka is super-flexible, non-marking and can be removed and reused over and over again. There are nine colours to choose from, in 2-stud (1m or 2m length) and 4-stud (2m length) thicknesses.

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