MGA launches L.O.L Surprise! in the UK

Published on: February 15th, 2017

The launch was celebrated with a live unboxing with Tiana from ToysAndMe. 

mga480Tiana herself was unboxed from a giant version of the L.O.L Surprise! product.

After surprising the hundreds of children and parents at the London shopping centre by jumping out of the product, she then went on to do a live unboxing of the toy itself.

Andrew Laughton, UK MD at MGA Entertainment, commented: “Our founder Isaac Larian watched unboxing videos late at night and realised that he could design a toy for the YouTube generation around the phenomenon. That’s what he’s famous for doing, something different. Then our marketing team did the same thing, they took the craze and turned it on its head to ensure this toy unboxing stood out from the rest.”

The reveal, hosted by Dan Simpson of Fun Kids radio, was followed by a meet and greet at The Entertainer which gave over 200 children the chance to meet Tiana. Whilst sampling from a prime family location in the mall gave hundreds of children the chance to get their hands on the must have new collectible.

Nicola Mellor, senior brand manager, said: “The three stage launch allowed us to achieve a lot in one day, the unbox the unboxer stunt was surprising, fun and engaging, all aspects of the L.O.L Surprise! brand which we brought to life. We’re looking forward to seeing the success L.O.L Surprise! has in the UK and to continue to offer consumers exciting ways to be involved with the brand.”

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