MI PR Global announces joint venture with Watermelon Creative

Published on: May 19th, 2017

The two agencies have announced they will form a strategic joint venture company.

FlipUnder the agreement, Flip International Group has been formed. The new group structure offers an unrivalled hub for creative design and communications, offering combined expertise for new and existing brands and IP development, from style guide creation to marketing activations at retail.

Shareholders and directors of Flip International Group, Sarah Swindell (Watermelon Creative), Jonathan Rose (MI PR Global) and Ruth Leonard (MI PR Global) are excited about the new opportunities the joint venture will bring.
Sarah Swindell, director, commented: “At Watermelon Creative we offer bespoke creative solutions for licensors, licensees, manufacturers and retailers. The joint venture with MI PR Global now means that as a group, the delivery doesn’t stop at the creation stage with brand marketing and communications being instrumental to ensuring complete consumer engagement.”

Jonathan Rose, Director, added: “It is more important than ever to be able to support clients with a seamless offering, delivering added value with the very best industry know-how. Our joint venture means we can deliver a complete portfolio of specialist services across brand creation, marketing strategy and public relations. We will operate as a tangible extension to any in-house design or marketing team, whilst offering economies of scale across a variety of services.”

MI PR Global recently announced the acquisition of Fizz Communications and this agreement represents each organisation’s strong commitment to offering a complete range of specialist services, whilst developing new relationships with their extended client bases.

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