New website boosts sales for The Entertainer

Published on: June 10th, 2019

According to the retailer, website speed has increased by 18%, while conversion rates are up by 13%.

The Entertainer has reported an early improvement in sales after launching its new website. It unveiled a new site on its existing web address in November 2018, and online sales have reportedly jumped since its introduction. According to the business, website speed has increased by 18%, while conversion rates are up by 13%.

A key part of the relaunch was to enable The Entertainer to better reflect its in-store branding on the web and continue the retailer’s fun and family-oriented narrative online.

Phil Geary, chief marketing officer at The Entertainer, noted: “We are constantly striving for the best possible customer experience, as well as looking for avenues to take our products to different channels and geographies. That’s why we decided to create a brand-new state-of-the-art website. Crucially, we wanted to create a a truly intuitive site that reflected our brand and its purpose.”

Now redesigned and redeveloped, the site is deemed to be mobile-first, faster, and able to support higher levels of traffic. Other features include faceted search, and a Present Finder function.

“This project has enabled our business to realise many major aims, including a reduction in time-to-purchase and greater visibility of our customer journeys,” explained Phil. “The increases in site speed, conversion and sales speak for themselves, but most importantly the improvements have allowed us to continue providing fun and fulfilling experiences for our customers.”

The Entertainer’s most recent annual results statement, for the 12 months to 28th January 2019, showed a year-on-year profit increase of 31% off the back of a 21.7% hike in sales. Online sales for the retailer were up by 38% compared to the previous year

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