Num Noms Series 3 and Num Noms Lights makes its way to the UK

Published on: January 30th, 2017

num copyCements continued growth for MGA Entertainment.

Num Noms, the collectible, scented craze will be making its way into households across the UK. Continued development is set for 2017, beginning with a Q1 launch of Series 3 and brand new Num Noms Lights.

Num Noms Lights, which come in juice carton packaging, has a new feature: the Noms now light up in two colours.

Series 3 continues the food theme with new collections. New themes for this year include Marshmallows, Doughnuts, Fruits, Veggies, Candy and Fiesta Foods. There are more ways to collect and more characters to stack with the scented erasers and dual flavoured lip gloss Noms.

An element of storage arrives within the new ranges, allowing collectors to use their Lunch Box Deluxe Packs to store their Num Noms. The all new Surprise in a Jar also doubles as a money jar.
Nicola Mellor, senior brand manager at MGA Entertainment, said: “We continue to be impressed with the performance of Num Noms as a brand. The introduction of Num Noms Lights is exciting as we offer another element to the product, which has already been well received by retailers and consumers.The launch of Series 3 allows us to continue the momentum, with new scented characters to collect and now store within product packaging.”

As well as product development, a schedule of events and campaigns are planned to celebrate the launch of Series 3 and Lights.

The Num Noms Lipgloss Truck remains a key product within the Num Noms range, picking up Imaginative Playset of the Year at the U.K Toy Industry Awards.

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